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About Solar Heating Guys

Solar Heating Guys is a solar water service providing and fully operational organization that makes sure that every day you get enjoy the usage of well hated water with your family using the solar energy. Solar Heating Guys is a registered organization that complies with the set regulations by the federal government and is therefore authorized by the concerned authorities to offer solar water heating services. Solar Heating Guys is situated in a convenient place where both private and public customers can reach us. Our services are delivered in the best way possible because we have policies that ensure that all services are delivered accordingly and in a satisfactory way to our customers. Solar Heating Guys has a vision that is mainly to ensues that the water heating system of all our customers is up to date and it helps guide every aspect of the Solar Heating Guys through a clear description of what the Solar Heating Guys needs to accomplish in order to continue achieving sustainable and quality growth in the service field of solar water heating. The management of Solar Heating Guys provides a favorable environment where everyone performs to their best ability for the success of the organization.



Solar Heating Guys operates always on a 24 hour basis 7 days a week to help you achieve you water heating need through the utilization of the solar energy. Our experts are always in standby to help with you your solar heating system in terms of maintenance and replacement as well as installation. Experts of Solar Heating Guys are quite reliable as they complete their services within the scheduled time to avoid inconveniencies to our customers.


About solar water heaters

They are also known as domestic hot water systems are a cost effective way of providing hot water to you families in any climate through the usage of the free solar energy. They are cost effective, easy to install with the aid of Solar Heating Guys experts. Once installed the water heaters will only need the existence of the solar power which is freely provided by the sunlight.

Customers can reach us on 888-300-4765 for more information.

Selecting a solar water heater

Before you purchase and install a solar water heating system, certain factors need to be put into consideration;

Estimation of the cost and energy efficiency of a particular solar water heating system; purchase and installation of solar water heaters may be expensive but in the end you save money. Estimate the annual operation costs and do comparisons with different systems to enable you acquire the most efficient and cost effective solar water heaters

Evaluation of your sites solar resource; before buying and installing a solar heating system, it is convenient to consider the optimal orientation and tilt of your solar collector. A solar heating system is efficient when maximum amount of solar reaches the collector.

Determining the correct system size; a properly sized solar heating system will be convenient to your household. Solar Heating Guys ensure that the solar water heating needs of its customers is put into consideration first and provides the best it can. Visit Solar Heating Guys today or call us on 888-300-4765 for any enquiries.

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