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Solar Heating Guys in Carlisle, AR is a team of professionals who have the necessary knowledge, experience and expertise in providing solar water heating services. Our service providers have been in business for a very long time and have gained the necessary experience that enables the Solar Heating Guys to still lead in solar water heating services around Carlisle, AR.



Solar Heating Guys offers its services around the Carlisle, AR to its customers at customers friendly costs which ensures that the relationship between the Solar Heating Guys and its customers in Carlisle, AR remain uptight.


Benefits of solar water heating

Hot water throughout the year; Solar Heating Guys operates around the Carlisle, AR to ensure that the systems work all year round through if supplementing the water heating with other methods during winter.

Customers can reach us on 888-300-4765 for more information.

Reduced energy bills; sunlight is free source of energy and is a natural resource. It is acquired freely as compared to other heating services. It is cost saving as remarkably less energy is used to heat water and remarkably less energy for space heating.

Solar thermal systems can be integrated into existing systems. Improved technology has also enabled modern systems to work efficiently even in winter.

How solar heating works

The collector absorbs the sunlight via the absorbers where a special heat carrier fluid is heated up. A pump then transports the fluid to the heat exchanger of the solar storage where the thermal energy is transmitted to a storage tank. In case the solar radiation is insufficient to heat the water to the required temperatures, a conventional heating system will supplement it.

Solar collectors

Two types of solar thermal collectors exit; flat plate and evacuated tube collectors.

Flat plate collectors; has the black absorber surface which is oriented to the sun. The absorber surface coating has been designed such that it is able to absorb maximum radiation and reflects only a few low amounts of energy. The absorbed energy is transferred to the heat carrier fluid circulating in the tubes below the absorber surface. Its advantages include low purchase price, low maintenance and repair costs, and it being suited ideally for low temperature systems.

Solar Heating Guys offers you a developed flat plate collectors which achieve the highest efficiencies with optimum solar yields which is attributed to their technology.

Evacuated tube collectors; utilizes the excellent insulation capacity of a vacuum. The vacuum in the glass tubes minimizes the heat loss almost completely. A mirror is additionally mounted below the individual tubes to focus the sunlight towards the absorber pipes. Its advantages include greater energy efficiency, less roof area for the same output, can also be used on non-south oriented roof surfaces. It also produces higher temperatures and can be coupled with high temperature heating systems.

Solar Heating Guys utilizes all its available resources and staff to ensure that you are given the most efficient Solar Heating services around Carlisle, AR. You can visit the Solar Heating Guys in Carlisle, AR at any time or you can also call us on 888-300-4765 and we will help you make the right decisions.

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